Home is your haven – your place to relax, restore and enjoy.

When designing your home, we draw inspiration from architectural, interior and landscape design fields to create a design concept that not only meets your needs and vision but also provides the lifestyle that you desire. The result is quite simply – a home that you will love.

We love to work with our residential clients to design their dream new homes or to renovate an existing space to make it their own. Our team have undertaken countless residential design projects over the past few decades, each with an individual and personalised design.

Our design process starts with you and your vision for your project site. Our job as the designer or architect is to make this vision a reality through a collaborative, planned and stress-free approach.

Stage 1          Design Concept

Stage 2          Design Documentation & Drawings

     Interior / Exterior Selections as required

Stage 3           Project Construction & Management           

Our interior design, architecture and landscape design services are integrated within each stage of our design process to provide for cohesive design outcomes, both internally and externally for your project.

Access & Mobility Design

This niche service area is becoming increasingly important for both residential and commercial design accessibility requirements.

For residential projects, we offer a rehabilitation planning and design reporting service for individual clients, the legal profession and insurance agencies – a significant consideration in the process of designing your home or business.

In the commercial space, inclusiveness and accessible design are paramount for accommodating to all customer markets. The legal and building requirements in this space are ever evolving, so it is important to stay abreast of these requirements in any new buildings or renovation projects. That is where we can help you. Our expertise in this area includes accessible design for public spaces, offices, hospitality and clubs, and healthcare spaces.

Landscape Design

Your outdoor space is an asset – so whether you are overhauling from scratch, or just making some modifications, careful planning allows for maximum enjoyment of your total living environment during all seasons and climates.

Our expert landscape designers are well versed in selection and plotting plant species to deliver the outcomes you desire in terms of natives, permaculture, edibles, shade, pathways, entertainment, and privacy.

Creating a new or updating your existing “outdoor room” requires the same forethought as any other room in your house. A well-designed outdoor room has the potential to add value to your property and will create pleasant vistas, outdoor living spaces and edible planting zones allowing you to savor your own produce.

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