Great design comes as a result of experience, inspiration, planning, creativity and collaboration. At design studio 22 we pride ourselves as a holistic design business incorporating Architecture, Interior, Landscape, and Graphic Design plus Access & Mobility Planning into professional solutions for our residential and commercial clients. For creative, strategic and impactful design look no further than design studio 22.

Making a small investment for great design by engaging professionals to create a functional space for your family or work team, can be repaid a hundred fold in comfort and liveability.


Architectural Design

Our Architectural and Building Design team assists you to create a home or commercial space to capture the uniqueness of you, your family or your business.

We define your spatial, zoning and internal living or working spaces and allocate space according to your needs, and set the orientation of each building to maximise passive solar and thermal comfort requirements. Each of these factors dramatically affects the dynamics of your family or work team and how they relate to each other. A comfortable, well designed home or workspace leads to harmonious and positive experience for all.

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Access & Mobility

This unique focuses on architectural accessibility to homes and businesses alike. For those with disabilities and ageing issues or concerns of safety for all inhabitants moving in and out and within a living or work space is essential.

We also offer a rehabilitation planning and design reporting service for individual clients, the legal profession and insurance agencies – a significant consideration in the process of designing your home or business.

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Interior Design

Our dedicated Interiors team introduces colour, texture and fittings to enhance both the internal and external features of a building design, while adding an individual flavour to your home or business.

Whether it be a new or renovation project, professional interior design advice is crucial in bringing the entire project together. We assist you in making selections to complement the design and the personalities of the inhabitants, creating a comfortable flow and functional use of space that will delight and excite you and your clients for many years to come.

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Landscape Design


Your outdoor space is an asset – so whether you are overhauling from scratch, or just making some modifications, careful planning allows for maximum enjoyment of your total living environment during all seasons.

Creating a new or changing your existing “outdoor room” requires the same forethought as any other room in your house. A well-designed outdoor room has the potential to add value to your property and will create pleasant vistas, outdoor living spaces and edible planting zones allowing you to savour your own produce.

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Commercial Design

An exemplary place of business does more than just look the part, it has a function and purpose that sends a message to your clients about what they can expect from your business. A distinctive and memorable building (inside and out) and logo/branding design ensures that your business will stand out from your competition and drive your business forward.

Our multidisciplinary commercial experience encompasses a comprehensive range of applications with an integrated approach to projects for:

Educational Institutions, Retail Development, Government, Conference Centres, Medical, Hospital, Dental, Pharmaceutical & Laboratory Developments, Multi Residential, Hotel, Motel & Apartment Complexes, Office Buildings, Aged Care Facilities, Community Developments & Festivals, Media & Theatre Developments, Restaurants, Cafes, Clubs, Wineries, Sporting Facilities, Sporting & Licensed Clubs, Financial, Legal and Insurance Institutions, Property & Investment Companies, Factories, Exhibition Design, Caravan Parks, Places of Worship & Crematoriums and Industrial Design.

Our Commercial team includes a Building Designer, Draftsperson, Interior Designer, Landscape Designer and Graphic Designer.


Residential Design

A home is your safe haven, your place to relax, restore, refresh as well as to enjoy. We love to work with our residential clients to design personalised amazing spaces or to renovate an existing space to make it your own! Collectively our team has undertaken many hundreds of residential design projects. It would be difficult to find another design studio with the high level of experience, expertise and diversity that the design studio 22 team offers.

Our work has been recognised by our peers over several years, as winner of many awards for interior design, colours, renovations and additions, multi-residential dwellings and custom design.

The Residential team is comprised of a Building Designer, Draftsperson, Interior Designer & Landscape Designer.