Villa Bellagio

Location: Coffs Harbour, NSW

Project: Renovation – Private Residence
Size: 432m2
Budget: Withheld
Status: Completed


Brief: Perched high on a ridge with near 360 deg ocean views this unique architect designed home, which made a statement in 1974, was past it’s use by date. The new owners were in the enviable position where they couldn’t over capitalise. “Create a statement with classical elegance”; “make all the rooms luxurious”; “give us volume;” oodles of glass to soak up the views”; “room to move”; “a home theatre”; “a pool”; “this home must be a testimony to yours and our creativity”; “we must be able to accommodate our guests in style and entertain 100 in comfort”; “it must be VERY VERY special.”. 

“Villa Bellagio” is now a modern yet discerningly classical home which oozes opulence with terraces, flowing pools, columns, porticos, elegant fittings and stylish colour schemes.

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