New Residence


The clients had fallen in love with the panoramic views on this amazing site on top of the world. They wanted a living space which would encapsulate this unique ever changing landscape, with it’s shards of light and casting shadows. The site presented a slope of 1 in 5 which was not ideal for this young family as the kids needed a level play area.


The client’s came to design studio 22 with a modest budget under $250,000, which seemed a little tight to achieve their dream of a modern, spacious passive solar home with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. They wanted to blend into the landscape with a country influence plus achieve a level yard and numerous outdoor areas to cater for different seasons and times of the day.


Strategic site cuts were planned to allow for a level building pad and yard space with an L shape home wrapping around the perimeter of the levelled area creating a safe yard protected from the elements and the gradient.

A single room width throughout most of the home offers access to the panoramic views from all areas and angles with a plethora of easily accessible outdoor sitting areas. Passive solar influence is abundant from their polished concrete floor with natural timber cabinetry provided by a fallen Tallowood tree on their property. The volume, light and spaciousness inside this home defies it’s modest size of 162m2.


Bonville-001 Bonville-015 Bonville-014 Bonville-013 Bonville-012 Bonville-011 Bonville-010 Bonville-009 Bonville-008 Bonville-007 Bonville-006 Bonville-005Bonville-003Bonville-004 Bonville-002

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